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Security Guards Providers

DELITE SECURITY PVT. LTD. provides a training programme to all security personnel before being placed on assignment which includes :
  • Physical Training - We provide physical training to our security professionals to overcome any kind of physical threats. The physical training includes drill, physical conditioning & unarmed combat.

  • Professional Training

  • DELITE SECURITY PVT. LTD. provides professional training to its security personnel to effectively handle any kind of emergency including personal protection, security patrolling, industrial unrest, licence with police and filing of FIR, record keeping of men, materials and vehicles...

  • People Skills Training

  • DELITE SECURITY PVT. LTD. provides People skills training to its security personnel to effectively handle all aspects of industrial relations with government departments, customer care etc...

  • Positive Attitude

  • DELITE SECURITY PVT. LTD. holds many sessions to develop a positive attitude in its security personnel to cope with difficult real-life situations without bitterness or any negativity.

  • Environmental Training

  • DELITE SECURITY PVT. LTD. also trains its security personnel to be eco-friendly in their outlook and care for the environment.


Besides basic and specialized training, we also provide other training modules like supervisory training, pre-job training and refresher training for our security personnel.
  • Supervisory Training - We provide supervisory training to those security personnel found capable of supervisory duties. This training module covers supervision, leadership, human relationship management, substance abuse detection and mentoring, psychological aspects of leadership, emergency response, etc.

  • Pre-Job Training - According to each client's requirements, all security personnel are given appropriate pre-job orientation & training. This training is based on the client's specifications, job complexity and level of responsibility.

  • Refresher Training - We give mandatory refresher training to all our security personnel twice a year. More frequent training is provided as per the client's needs and the performance of each specific individual.
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Security Guards
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